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Alberto Santos-Dumont's Airships

Disaster at the Pole: The Tragedy of the Airship Italia and the 1928 Nobile Expedition to the North Pole, by Wilbur Cross, at Amazon UK
Advanced Technologies Group
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Airship and Blimp Resources
Global Skyship Industries Inc.
The Hamilton Airship Company
Hot Air Airships
Metlife Blimp
Russian Airships
Skyship Cruise Ltd.
SkyStation International
US Navy Blimps 1954 - 1956
US-LTA: The 138S Airship
The Vice Admiral Charles E. Rosendahl Collection

SkyStation International (SSI) to position communications airships over cities - 20/10/99
Rigid Airship Design
Virgin's mine-spy in the sky - 17/03/00
Landmine detector not just hot air - 01/06/00
Flying in the face of history - why Skycat is different - 25/06/00
L.T.A.S. Corporation Solar Powered Airships
India launches ambitious airship project - 07/01/02
Hi-tech mission for airships - 27/02/02
Explorer sets airship speed record - 17/12/03
York Minster's close encounter with a 'flying saucer' - 03/05/04

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